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An AAAHC Accredited Ambulatory Surgical Center

EXPERT Ophthalmology sERVICES

Ophthalmology Surgical Services Offered in Morris, IL

Our dedicated ophthalmology services concentrate on diagnosing and treating eye-related conditions such as cataracts, refractive errors, and corneal diseases. Our skilled ophthalmology specialists utilize advanced surgical techniques including Cataract Surgery with Multifocal Implants, Refractive Surgery (LASIK), and Cornea Transplants to enhance your vision and quality of life. See better today and enjoy increased eye health with the help of our ophthalmology experts.


Meet Our Ophthalmology Surgeons

Browse our ophthalmology surgeons & specialists to learn about their educational background, specific expertise, and their dedication to excellence. See the various ailments and conditions they specialize in, as well as their clinical interests and more, all before your first appointment.

Patient FAQs & Information

Pre & Post-Surgical Information

Below are some of the commonly-asked questions and general information that may be helpful to those preparing for ophthalmology surgical procedures. If you don’t see your specific question listed below, or have other concerns you’d like to discuss, please call us at (815) 318-5666 for additional information.

General FAQs & Surgical Information

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Pre-Surgical Information

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Post-Surgical Information

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